Legacy Thread Company was borne of a collaboration of three like-minded individuals that happened to meet at a development event. The company name reflects our desire to leave a Legacy that is far reaching and a result from a life guided and anchored by principles designed to support and inspire humankind. It called into question the reasons why someone wears what they do. Is it merely for utility and  personal identity or can it reflect purpose, self branding and community. What are the aspects of clothing that transcends materials and becomes a part of you and what you represent? Legacy Thread Company brings that to you with high quality apparel that infuses your core values with personal style.At Legacy Thread Company our core values are Courage, Love, Integrity & Passion. Whatever YOUR core values are, that is what YOU represent when you put on a piece from Legacy Thread Company. This brand is your brand and represents all that you stand for. This is our legacy. What will be yours?



Forrest Cameron

Foggy is Legacy Thread Company’s jack of all. He creates new products, website content, covers shipping, customer service, directs Legacy Thread Company’s social media (all with lots of help & support from his wife Brittney), and takes on special projects. He enjoys exploring his creative side to help others through projects like LTC. His hobbies include golfing, exercising, traveling and the occasional wood working project. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his wife and little girl.


John Tam

John is a director of Legacy Thread Company. As is the nature of all startups he needs to be exactly where he needs to be and doing what needs to be done. He enjoys drawing out the best in people and assists in identifying core values and principles that guides a life of meaning and purpose. His hobbies include falling into podcasts of various interests and playing and adding to his collection of over 500 board games. Outside of family and work you’ll find him volunteering at the Calgary Food Bank and chauffeuring his girls to their interests and hobbies.


Tanner Doll

TDOLL is Legacy Thread Company’s Long snapper who handles everything from sales, marketing and content creation. He loves being apart of a TEAM that is steadfast on building and creating their legacy at home with their families and in their communities. In his free time you will catch him living a active lifestyle; training, cooking, snowboarding or skijoring. Outside of work he plays professional football in the Canadian Football League for the BC Lions.